Seize the fish (carpeicthus) wrote,
Seize the fish

16 percent of people want the debt ceiling raised. Given the utter devastation that would result if it was not raised (so bad that GOP political posturing is basically terrorism, but with way more dangerous effects than anything short of some spare nukes), some of this points to the standard lack of voter education, but it also really gets to the inherent problem with polls, no matter how carefully worded. Who the heck wants to raise the ceiling? I want to be in a world where George W. Bush didn't give away trillions of dollars for the purpose of increasing economic inequality and spend more than a trillion more on multiple foreign wars. That would do the trick. But that's not the world we have right now.

Same with the "is the country headed in the right direction?" question. Who the heck would say yes to that? Wages are down, staple prices are WAY up. I make approximately three times as much money as I thought I would ever make, and all it gets me is a nice quiet life sharing a one-bedroom, while everyone else I know is absolutely struggling to keep their head above water. But the natural inclination is to think that anyone saying "wrong direction" is really saying "The president is a socialist OMFG!"

I need to stop paying attention again. Maybe after I get some spiked leather and drive nails through a few baseball bats to prepare for the awesome post-apocalyptic landscape.

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